Who should do oshacademy courses ?

Well , Some employers and government agencies need OSHACADEMY certificates authenticated to prove that they are valid and legitimate. We are happy to do this for you as an added benefit to our training!
We believe employers need to make safety a priority! We offer an easy and accessible way to provide the necessary training to keep them up-to-date with OSHA’s required safety training components. Once you become an our Corporate Client, you will have the ability to track employee progress .
 OSHAcademy accredited institute courses will help your company achieve OSHA compliance and SHARP/VPP certification. By giving you the safety information you need in an easy-to-use, convenient format, we will empower you to make your work a safer place and protect your most important assets – you, your co-workers, and your employees.

What would be the learning outcomes ?

What would be the learning outcomes ?

  • AS Technocrats is concerned the learning outcomes of OSHACADEMY
    Includes :
    Reduced workplace accidents
  • Economic benefits
  • Increased company standards

Increased understanding on how to handle workplace hazards. Utilizing OSHA safety training methods for the workplace reinforces the importance of a safety culture while on the job that ensures that both management and worker works as a team in the resolution and prevention of potential workplace accidents and hazards.
Safe work environments not only benefit the company checkbook but also the worker by providing measures to ensure their safety and security are at the forefront of everything their job place does.

TECHNOCRATS accredited from OSHAcademy to offer?

Technocrats is a institute in the region of KPK Peshawar that is only institute that is Affiliated with OSHACADEMY and we are the only institute that is offering:

  • 30 hours construction program.
  • 30 hours general industry outreach program.
  • 36 hours of occupational safety and health trainer. ( Train – The – Trainer )
  • 32 hours of safety and health committee member
  • 48 hours of occupational safety and health manager
  • 40 hours occupational safety and health specialist 
  • 132 hours of occupational safety and health professional