Fire Safety Training Course

Fire Safety Training Course

The Fire Safety Training Course is designed to raise awareness of fire hazards in the workplace
and how to act safely in the event of an emergency fire situation, including selecting and using
the correct fire extinguisher. The course is also designed to train staff in your fire safety

Training outcomes

  • Describe the chemistry of fire
     Identify fire hazards in the workplac
  • Follow evacuation procedures
  •  Select and use appropriate firefighting equipment


  • an overview of the Fire safety legislation
     Understanding the
  • physics and chemistry of fire
  •  Development and spread of fire
  •  Action in the event of a fire
  •  Means of raising an alarm
     Means of summoning the fire brigade
  •  Action on hearing the fire alarm
  •  Evacuation procedures
    Practical demonstration in the use of foam and CO2 fire extinguishers using our state of the art
    gas-fired training system.