Program Description

This program is the best value for ambitious students who want to get the most out of their safety training experience. If you have high-career goals, are passionate about the occupational safety and health field, and want to develop the skills needed to effectively manage safety in your workplace, this program provides the benefits you need to succeed. Maximize potential transfer credits, earn CEUs, or prepare for other professional credentials by completing this program now

Learning outcomes

  • Remain compliant with the Occupational Safety & Heath Administration (OSHA).
  • Effectively manage safety within your organization and make smart decisions.
  • Instill the commitment needed to make safety a priority in your organization.
  • Communicate your support for safety.
  • Decrease the long-term costs of doing business.
  • Protect your company against liabilities.
  • Use safety to differentiate and rise above your competitors.


1. 700 Introduction to Safety Management

2.701 Effective Safety Committee Operations

3.702 Effective Accident Investigation

4.703 Introduction to OSH Training

5. 704 Hazard Analysis and Control

6.705 Hazard Communication Program

7.706 Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis

8.707 Effective Safety Committee Meetings

9.708 OSHA Recordkeeping Basics †

10.709 Personal Protective Equipment

11. 710 Energy Control Program – LOTO

12. 711 Introduction to Ergonomics

13. 712 Safety Supervision and Leadership

14. 713 Confined Space Program

15.714 Fall Protection Program

16.715 Electrical Safety Basics

17. 716 Safety Management System Evaluation

18. 717 Emergency Action Plans

19.   718 Fire Prevention Plans

20.   719 Fleet Safety Management

21.   720 Preventing Workplace Violence

22.   721 Developing OSH

23.   722 Ergonomics Program Management

24.   723 Conducting OSH Training

25.   750 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene

26.   755 Bloodborne Pathogens Program Management